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                Position:Home > About > Development strategy
                • +86-0371-63379595/63379577
                • sales@sinocrystal.com.cn
                • 24 Dongqing St, Zhengzhou High & New Technology Industrial Development Zone, Henan, China
                Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond Co., Ltd. combines its advantages with the development trend of the industrial chain of synthetic diamond; focuses on independent innovation with market expansion as the orientation and base production-academy-research resources and upgrade company strategies.

                Expand the product manufacturing and market of synthetic diamond and regard synthetic diamond as the main force, develop high grade diamond.

                In the future, Sino-Crystal will still focus on strategic chances by market and try to grasp the profit growth point, improve innovation ability, core competition capability and increase the market value of the company, and finally develop into the important global synthetic diamond and related products base.