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                Position:Home > Products > Raw&Auxiliary Materials
                • +86-0371-63379595/63379577
                • sales@sinocrystal.com.cn
                • 24 Dongqing St, Zhengzhou High & New Technology Industrial Development Zone, Henan, China
                • Diamond Synthetic Block

                  Diamond Synthetic Block

                  Brief arrangement structure, easy operation. A whole series of powder block for various cavities are offered, and can be used to synthesize sin...

                • Dolomite Cup

                  Dolomite Cup

                  Composition is dolomite, purity and strength is high, heat preservation and insulation is good....

                • Pyrophyllite Block

                  Pyrophyllite Block

                  Good stability, pressure transmission, sealing and mobility. Used for synthetic diamond, single crystal CBN and polycrystalline and comp...

                • Graphite Material

                  Graphite Material

                  used for high grade diamond with gold yellow and high clarity. high inversion rate, intensive grain size particularly at 35/40, 40/45, 4...

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